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The Living Planet and Humanity’s Role

West Valley Unitarian Universalist Church
5904 W. Cholla St.
Glendale, AZ, 85304

Date(s) – 04/14/2019
10:30 am – 12:00 pm

After enjoying Rev. Cathy Corbin-Manino’s sermon on a revolution of construction, join us for a discussion about how to heal the environmental degradation we’ve caused, based on the work of Charles Eisenstein:

Why are we here? – a key landmark of the maturation process into adulthood. We might, therefore, understand the present convergence of crises as an initiation into collective adulthood – the graduation of modern civilization into its purpose.

This is not about survival; that is why the fear narrative, the cost-benefit narrative, the existential threat narrative does not serve the cause of ecological healing.

Can we replace it with the love narrative? With the beauty narrative? The empathy narrative? Can we connect with our love for this hurting living planet, and look at our hands and minds, our technology and our arts, and ask, “How shall we best participate in the healing and the dreaming of Earth?”