Upcoming Worship Services

June 3: Diversity in Creativity
By Rev. Christiane Heyde
Rev. Christiane is continuing our May theme of Creativity into June as she presents a sermon on the many creative expressions that come from diverse groups of people and how to see and hear them and be aware of cultural backgrounds.

June 10: Communing in Unity
By Claire Goldsberry, from the Theosophical Society.
Two words are in community — commune and unity. To commune is to converse with profound intensity. But what is unity, and what do we mean when we say we are one? How do we develop community in such a diverse world? We’ll explore these questions from a theosophical and Eastern philosophical viewpoint.

June 17: Endings and Beginnings
By Rev. Christiane Heyde
Three years ago, Rev. Christiane and the 2015 WVUUC Board President, Onna Johnson, started to correspond. They came up with a way for WVUUC to have a minister without having the money to hire a full-time one. For Rev. Christiane, presenting two sermons a month was great because she was working her way from parish ministry to community ministry and chaplaincy. Over the last three years, Rev. Christiane has presented 62 sermons at West Valley, and her 63rd will be her last, for now. She will reflect on this congregation, on ministry, and on her path into the future.

June 24: Water Sentinels
By Jennifer Martin, from the Sierra Club
Jennifer Martin is coordinator for the Sierra Club’s Grand Canyon Chapter Water Sentinels program that mobilizes volunteers to protect, improve, and restore our waters. Current projects focus on the San Pedro and Verde Rivers and the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area in Phoenix.