Sunday Services

We come together at 10:30 am each Sunday morning to shape and define what is of value and worth to us, and to sing, meditate, and share our lives with one another. Our services focus on topics of spiritual, social and current concerns. Our Worship is designed to meet the diversity of spiritual paths that are embraced within Unitarian Universalism. Sunday mornings offer a celebration of community, an intellectual challenge, and a deepening of the heart.

Our Sunday Services are varied and unique, but generally we have an opening piece of music followed by a welcome statement, then a call to worship. Next there is a time for church announcements, and that is often followed by a time for sharing brief personal joys and sorrows. Then we often sing a hymn, which is followed by a children’s story.

After the children’s story, our children usually leave the service to attend classes or play. After the children’s recessional we collect the weekly offering with musical accompaniment, and then the main speaker is introduced. The Minister or guest speaker delivers the sermon, and we conclude with another hymn followed by closing words and then a final musical postlude. After the service we usually have a light lunch, coffee, and refreshing conversation.

There is no dress code requirement for our church. Some folks wear blue jeans and a T-shirt, others wear shorts and a tank top, and a few dress more traditionally in a conservative style. Wear what you are comfortable in, and you will be welcomed!

Upcoming Worship Services

December Theme: Peace

December 2: “Sacred Circles of Peace”
By Dr. Kaden Sheffield
Throughout human history, circles have been used to mark sacred spaces. One of the most famous, Stonehenge, had a remarkable function in peacekeeping, one that echoes across history. It has lessons to teach us, especially in troubled times.

December 9: “Jesus and Buzz Lightyear”
By Rev. Cathy Corbin-Mannino
We talk about peace, we sing about peace, we work for peace, but still we experience conflict, confrontation, anger, and hostility. How can we really be the peace in the midst of chaos?

December 16: “This Is Your Life – In Six Words”
By Sharon Moore
Know thyself, and peace can be yours. This service is an opportunity to reflect on your past, present, and future then express your essential self. It is an interactive service with people crafting and sharing six-word memoirs.

December 23: “The Gifted”
By Rev. Cathy Corbin-Mannino
This time of year, we think a lot about gifts. We have all been given a gift that most of us have never even heard of before. Come find out what that may be.

December 30: “Unifying Theists and Humanists”
By Skip Worden
What is the essence of religion? What is distinctive about transcendent experience, and how does it relate to compassion? We’ll see how this relationship can unify theist and humanists.